Workshop Details

Participants will learn:​​

  • Discover the 5 pitfalls of communication.
  • Learn concrete tools for your relationship toolbox as a couple.
  • Discover the destructive relationship dynamics that may be impacting. your communication style (overfunctioning, underfunctioning, condependence, etc.).
  • Stop using compromise as the standard and use win-win negotiation instead.
  • Get off the hamster wheel of talking about the same issues year after year. Is there really a way to let it go? YES!
  • Discover the ways you are allowing your HISTORY to impact your NOW-STORY.

Participants will engage in the following activities:

  • Relationship Pattern exercise
  • Love Whispers activity
  • Create a Shared Vision for Communication
  • Imago-style communication practice
  • Participants will receive:
  • Workshop folder for home
  • PowerPoint presentation hand-outs
  • 2-week follow up group call at NO COST

**Refreshments and snacks**


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