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This presentation is designed for women with big hearts, big visions, big responsibilities and energetic lives who are seeking BALANCE. It is an interactive workshop designed specifically for dynamic women…the overwhelmed, overworked, perfectionist, and the “fixer” types that we all can be at different times. Are you the “go-to” woman at work? Do your children, family, or partner lean on you to be the problem solver? Are you the unsung volunteer of the year in your community work? Do you sometimes neglect yourself and are often too overwhelmed to do any thing about it? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions…this workshop is for YOU! We are so busy solving problems for others that we forget to nurture our most significant relationship…the one we have with ourselves. This workshop will use fun, interactive exercises to help restore balance and find ways to nurture yourself so that you might continue to manifest your life’s purpose and call to others. What have you done for YOU lately?

Participants will learn:

  • How to utilize a life-enriching definition of self-care
  • To identify the two biggest barriers to self-care: the “superwoman trap” and stress
  • 10 take-home tips for creating balance and wellness
  • Identify their own self-care traps and support

Participants will engage in the following activities:

  • What’s on your plate?
  • Brief guided meditation
  • 360 degrees of support
  • Affirmation Whispers
  • Life-Box exercise
  • Making A Personal Commitment
  • Design your own self-care plan
  • meditation
  • Participants will receive:
  • Workshop binder
  • PowerPoint presentation hand-outs

**Refreshments and snacks**

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