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Unveiling the I Am is more than a book, it is a multisensory experience! It is an invitation to your soul to break free from a life burdened by the fear of not being good enough, to an unapologetic, harmonious life.  It is an opportunity to take off the mask behind which so many of us hide under the illusion of safety. There is no safety in a life that lacks harmony between the inner and outer self.

In Unveiling the I Am the author takes the reader on an evolutionary journey. She does so with the kind of self-compassion that will compel you to your own. You will not find any victim stories or sad tales of self-pity here; instead there is only a truth that leads to the awakening of a higher self. Imani uses more than 25 years of experience in personal development to offer concrete lessons that will propel you beyond theory and into action, on a foundation of unshakeable joy!

This book beckons the authentic self to take center stage in your world. It permits the reader an inside view to Imani's personal experiences that have led her from merely surviving to thriving beyond perceived limitations. No matter where you are in your life success is only as good as your self-esteem will allow. Conversely, life’s challenges and difficulties are an effect of our humanity, but suffering is a choice of the unevolved ego. Unveiling the I Am is for wherever you are right now.

Imani Evans is from New Jersey and has resided in Atlanta, GA since 1996. She holds a Bachelor’s in Psychology, Master’s in Counseling Psychology and currently pursuing a doctorate in Counseling. She is a passionate artist and Empowerment Coach who uses creativity to help her clients heal, get motivated and take action. Imani is the author of Today is the Miracle: a 30-Day Guide to Overcoming Obstacles and Creating Miracles. With her new book she is offering an evolution of the self as an impetus to unwavering joy. Evans has a thriving coaching practice at www.imanievans.com. She developed the Barrier Breaker System ™ to move clients beyond perceived limitations

What does it mean to be your AUTHENTIC SELF? The you in your head and the one of your reality deserve to be in harmony, without guilt or judgment. Purchase your copy of Unveiling the I Am on Amazon today by Imani Evans--Warrior Woman, Counselor & Empowerment Coach. Get your copy here.

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