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Reflections WorkbookTestimonials

"I have downloaded and printed my copy. Thank you for this timely journal. As you may know, this is appropriate for me in so many ways. It will certainly aid in my growth and development. Ideally, over the next 12 months a discussion group could be developed…It is good therapy."

Thanks again, 

Jocelyn - Atlanta, GA

"Thank you so much for the Empowerment Workbook PDF. Just reading through the questions as a collective resource reminds me that no matter how far I have to go, now is much better than the not-too-distant past.  All of the pieces of the puzzle have been dumped out of my box, and none are missing.  My resilience & hope spring eternal."


Nina - Atlanta, GA

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This is my special gift to you. To know thy self is the greatest tool toward self actualizing your dreams. 

Take a journey of self-discovery! This journal was designed by life-coach and counselor, Imani Evans (MA in Counseling Psychology & BA in Psychology). It was created to stimulate your thoughts, emotions, and desires with questions that you may never think to ask yourself. Answering these simple, yet thought-provoking, questions will lead to a deeper understanding of self and others...awakening parts of you that may have never been explored. It is the pathway to increased self-awareness and self-actualization. It is from the awakened-self that you will overcome the barriers to living the life of your dreams!

50 Questions for Self-Reflection Self-Discovery for increased Awareness and Transformation.