What is the Barrier Breakthrough Experience (BBE)?

The Barrier Breakthrough Experience (TM) is a compelling and effective coaching system, developed by Imani Evans via more than 24 years in the personal empowerment industry. Through years of working with people who were struggling in various dis-empowering circumstances (addictions, homelessness, anger/rage, abuse, trauma, fear, cancer, depression and more), she saw a common thread in the barriers that kept them stuck in lack and limitation, regardless of the form of dis-ease, or dis-comfort in which it manifested. Her BBE system exposes and unravels those barriers, so that her clients can break-free of whatever is holding them back.

There are things that hold you back and keep you stuck in a mind-numbing cycle of wanting, but never manifesting. You will recognize it as that place of being "close, but not quite". To say it is frustrating is an understatement. Right? Well, the BBE is designed to get you over that hurdle with solid tools that work... when you work them! There are visionaries on the precipice of living the dream, but can't seem to make it happen. There are artists and creatives who visualize a life of creating for a living, but are stuck in a rut of sacrifice with no results. There are entrepreneurs who are ready to give their gift to the world and step out on faith, but never do so because fear is paralyzing them into inaction and under-functioning.

If this sounds like YOU...It is time for a Breakthrough!

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